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Here at byFPP we produce high quality protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates using our long-term expertise in the field of enzymatic hydrolysis and drying techniques.

We can also supply you with a wide range of fermented products, specialty products for feed or food applications as well as with services tailored to your needs. 

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Our Range of Vegetal and Dairy Proteins

Plant Based Proteins

More and more people are interested in eating better and in a more responsible way. Flexitarism and other food trends have successfully forced the food industry to change for the best. Here at byFPP we make it easier for you and for them to make the change by providing a varaiety of qualitative plant based proteins.

Dairy Proteins

Milk based proteins are the most balanced sources of protein of all. They are also regarded as the best in class in term of quality (better than beef protein). At byFPP we have refined our hydrolysis process in order to provide you with protein hydrolysates that are quickly assimilated through the digestive system for quick and effective results.
Our expertise in hydrolysis of dairy products allows us to also prepare peptone from casein for applications in the field of biotechnology, microbiology or quality control.


Plant Based Proteins

Hemp Protein Concentrate

From organic farming in Belgium and France, our Hemp Protein Concentrate is the ideal ingredient for vegetarian and vegan diets. Hemp proteins are allergen-free and are considered to be among the best proteins in term of amino acid-balance and ease of assimilation (dairy and meat protein included).

Its protein composition guarantees all the essential amino acids, together with high levels of bioavailable iron and vegetal omega-3 fatty acids.

Certified Organic.

Contains 50% of protein.

Hemp Protein Hydrolysate

Our Hemp Protein Hydrolysate has all the advantages of our Hemp Protein Concentrate with an even higher protein content. Associate that with a better and faster assimilation rate due to the hydrolysis process and you get yourself a super effective ingredient for nutrition.

You want more? Our Hemp Protein Hydrolysate is easily dispersible and stable in water, even if the water is cold.

Certified Organic.

Contains 70% of protein.

Pea Protein Concentrate

Our pea protein isolate is the ideal ingredient for vegetarian diet, vegan diet, sport nutrition or elderly people nutrition. Its protein composition guarantees all the essential amino acids, together with high levels of BCAA and bioavailable iron, Calcium, vitamin B and insoluble fibers.

Certified Organic.

Contains 80% of protein.

Pea Protein Hydrolysate

Our Pea Protein Hydrolysate is readily dispersible in water and gives a homogeneous solution after only a few shakes. It has all the advantages of our Pea Protein Isolate with an even faster assimilation rate of the amino acids.


Contains 65% or 75% of protein.

Always working on new products ...

Our R&D team is continuously coming up with new ideas ! At the moment they are working on a new hydrolysed vegetal protein, but they do not want to tell us more about it ...
Come back later to see what they came up with !


Dairy proteins

Casein Hydrolysate

byFPP supplies casein hydrolysate with the highest protein content in the market (min. 95 %) and with a maximized amount of oligo-peptides (di- and tri peptides).

Thanks to our own experience with enzymatic processes, our casein hydrolysate offers better and faster assimilation with a well balanced taste.

Contains 95% of protein.

Whey Hydrolysate 

Our whey hydrolysate is much appreciated for its neutral flavor profile, controlled bitterness and high content in natural free BCAA (high quantity of cysteine). It has all the advantages of predigested whey proteins (e.g. ease of assimilation, low lactose content, dispersible in cold water) and more (e.g. balanced taste, possibility for aromatization ...).

Contains 80% or 90 % of protein.

Peptone from Casein

As a specialist in the hydrolysis process of dairy products, byFPP can also supply companies actives in the field of biotechnology, microbiology and/or quality control with peptone from casein. Our peptone has low moisture content (spray-dried) and is easily dispersible in cold or hot water. It has also been prepared to give the best results when it comes to ease of assimilation by bacteria, molds and yeasts for optimal groth.


Fermented Products

Here at byFPP we are very fond of natural and healthy products. Our expertise in fermentation lead us to create new innovative fermented products that you might not see elsewhere. They are very efficient and each one has specific flavor, taste, texture, nutritional value and beneficial effects.

Fermented Papaya Extract

Our Fermented Papaya Extract is made from papaya fruits from Brazil. The fruit are crushed and naturally fermented by yeasts for several months to finally obtain, after drying and crushing, a white powder with very subtle and delicate taste and perfume.

The Fermented Papaya Extract have very high antioxidant and immunostimulant properties with the ability to strengthen the body's immune

Fermented Sunflower Protein

Fermented proteins bring you all the benefits of a highly absorbable protein, with added gut health benefits! Fermented proteins contain bioactive nutrients that nourish the gut lining and strengthen your digestive health.


Fermented Echinacea

The fermented Echinacea is used to enhance the antimicrobial, antioxidant and immune-modulatory features of Echinacea extracts. It is used as a fonctionnal food, dietary supplement or in pharmaceutical preparations.

Specialty products

At byFPP we have an ever-growing list of specialty products. Ranging from technological auxiliary to consumer goods we are always looking for new and innovative products to add to our catalogue. Come back in the near future to discover more of our new products and/or new ingredients.

Papaya Enzyme (Papaïn)

Papain belongs to a family of proteins with a wide variety of activities, including enzymes with peptidase activity (proteolytic enzyme); Our papain can be used especially as a tenderizer for meat and in medicine as digestant.

Acacia Gum

Our acacia gums (multiple grades available) are in the form of a spray dried white powder. They are commonly used as thickening agents and stabilizers for beverages, ice creams, puddings, dressings, doughs, candies, drink mixes ...

The acacia gum is also commonly used as a prebiotic fiber.

Hemp Seed Oil

Our hemp seed oil is obtained by cold-pressing the hemp seeds (no solvent, no heat, no nothing ...). So we guarantee that only mechanical processes are used in order to produce this extra-virgin oil.

Hemp seed oil is high in antioxidant and have the ideal balance between omega-3 and omega-6. It has a delicate nutty taste that is very distinct and very pleasant.

Certified Organic.

Hulled Hemp Seeds

We also supply hulled hemp seeds. They are high in lipids (47%) and proteins (31%).

Their omega-3 omega-6 is as perfect as nature can do with a ratio of 1 to 3,2...

They are best used sprinkled over salads or in pasta preparations.

Certified Organic.

Micro-Encapsulated Aromas

Our extensive expertise in spray-drying allows us to prepare for you tailor made micro-encapsulated essential oils preparations in the form of a fluid and dry powder containing up to 20% of oil in its composition.
To give you an example, our micro-encapsulated aromas have already found a place in the food industry sector for flavoring chocolates or biscuits.



At byFPP we are very proud of our expertise in the field of hydrolysis, fermentation and drying techniques. We are continuously working on the development of new products and new techniques.
So if you want to develop or implement some of your new ideas, carry on feasibility studies or if you are looking to externalize some of your processes, we would be very pleased to discuss more about it with you!

Contract Manufacturing

We offer our expertise in the development and production of innovative food and feed products to other companies. You come to us with a specific request and we come back to you with the desired finished product. It is that simple!

Aromatization of concentrates and hydrolysates

If you are interested in our protein isolates or protein hydrolysates, we are also able to provide you with these same products but aromatized to your taste. We have an open-ended list of flavors ranging from the classic: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry to the more exotic: mushroom, mango-coconut-curry or banana-advocado.


As an expert in drying techniques and especially in spray-drying techniques, we are able to help you by running feasibility studies on your products. 
Moreover, if you want to expand your drying capacity or externalize that part of the process completely, byFPP is able to make it happen.


The Story of byFPP

Fermented Product Partner was founded in 2001 in Isnes (Belgium). It is located in the heart of Belgium near Bruxelles (50 km), Charleroi (25 km) and Namur (12 km). 

byFPP is part of THgroup which is a consortium of companies active at all levels in the bioindustry and biotechnology sector, from the sourcing of raw materials, to finished products.

The core business of byFPP is about the fermentation of a variety of food and feed products.

Along the years we also developed a range of products in the field of protein isolates and protein hydrolysates.

Moreover we offer contract manufacturing opportunities in the field of fermentation, drying porcesses and hydrolysis. 

Finally, byFPP is also able to help you or your company in the development of new products. 


byFPP is certified by Certysis to produce, transform and sell organic products.



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